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“Where there is great love, there are always wishes” – Willa Catherto

Why choose The Wishing Jar?

The Wishing Jar is the home of beautiful and unique keepsakes which capture a moment in time that can be treasured forever.  I understand that whilst people want to capture the prints of their precious children whilst they’re still young, there are also so many other special moments and people that are worthy of being celebrated and can bring a smile to our customers faces!


Silver print jewellery can be created using the fingerprint, handprint or footprint of loved ones to be used as wedding gifts, special friends who you want to keep close or even the four legged furry members of the family!  We are also able to create incredibly special memorial pieces using prints that were taken years ago or even using a signature from an old card or letter.


I also make 3D casts and raised impressions of baby and pet prints which come with bespoke frames and your choice of mount, finish and personalised plaque.


My ranges include something for the whole family – gorgeous, sentimental pieces for Mams and Grandmas, masculine but equally special pieces to delight Daddy’s and Grandads and keyrings for Aunties and Uncles.  I am adding to my ranges all of the time and love finding new ways to display precious prints.


Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I am happy to arrange visits for local customers or for you to visit us by appointment.  It’s always a pleasure to meet you personally and I’m more than happy to take prints for you.  However, I am also an on-line business (for silver print jewellery) so if you aren’t local or just prefer shopping on-line you can also place your order via the website, whilst in the comfort of your own home.  Raised impressions and 3D castings require an in-person visit.


Please rest assured that each piece of silver print jewellery or keepsake created by The Wishing Jar is made to a very high standard.  My aim is to delight every customer and create a piece that exceeds their expectations.  Providing my customers with high-quality products with amazing customer service is at the core of everything I do.


Should you have any questions or maybe even an idea for a custom piece that you can’t see on the website, please do get in touch.  There is no such thing as a silly question, I understand that a keepsake is a very important purchase and talking through questions is important.  So, please do feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

The Wishing Jar is proud to be a member of The Keepsake Association



The story behind The Wishing Jar

Hello! I’m Lois and I am the founder of The Wishing Jar.  From an early age I’ve always had a passion for creativity and this has undoubtedly come from my mother.

I’ve grown up watching my amazing Mam baking, sewing, knitting (yes matching 70’s jumpers for me and my brother) and making clothes.  Now she makes beautiful handmade patchwork quilts and the best cheese scones, ever, fact!  My mother has an incredible eye for detail and as a child we would spend hours together crafting and making a mess!

I’ve always found joy in handmade things and I think knowing someone has used their skills, putting time and effort into creating something special and bespoke means so much more to me than buying something off the production line.

Before my daughter Robyn was born I’d attended a silversmithing course, with the vision I would cut down hours at work and start my own business, making bespoke jewellery.  I absolutely loved it but didn’t have the opportunity to do anything with my newly acquired skills as I fell pregnant towards the end of the course, and who has time for hobbies with a new-born!?!

Fast-forward 4 years to now, and Robyn has started school and I have found I have managed to get some time back to continue with my dream of starting my own company (in between all of Robyn’s clubs and social engagements – she has a better social life than me!).  That’s when The Wishing Jar was born!

So here I am, making my very own wish come true, and it’s fantastic.    My work gives me an enormous sense of fulfilment, knowing that each bespoke piece of silver print jewellery or keepsake I make is completely unique to my customers.  Imagine knowing that each and every piece that you create is going to be something so special and treasured by the recipient…  You can’t get better job satisfaction that that!

I’d like to thank all of my lovely customers who are helping my wish come true, and for my future customers I look forward to turning your wishes into beautiful keepsakes for you to treasure forever, with the highest level of care, attention to detail and love that I apply to all my work.

Lois xx


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