Are my children too old for me to use their prints?

Absolutely not!  There is no age limit for taking prints.  We are often asked to create pieces using the prints of both children and adults of all ages.  It’s even possible for us to create pieces using the prints of our four legged furry friends.

Can I use prints that I already have?

In most cases it is possible for us to use prints that you already have.  We would advise that you send us a copy of the prints prior to making your purchase to ensure that we definitely are able to use your existing prints.

Are the charms silver?

Each piece created is 99.9% fine silver and is created to the highest standard.  All of our findings such as chains and bracelets are sterling silver (unless otherwise stated).

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

As each piece is made entirely by hand it will take us between 14 and 21 days from receiving your prints to create your order.  Expedited delivery services are available.

If I’ve ordered before, can I order again without having to take prints?

Yes, of course.  We return your prints to you so that you can hold on to them for future re-ordering.  We keep copies of all prints on file for a limited time, making it easy for you to re-order additional pieces using the same prints.

I plan on having more children.  Can you make an additional piece of jewellery to match in the future?

There are lots of pieces that are suitable for ordering if you are thinking of adding to your family and may have the need to add additional charms at a later date.  Please do contact us by e-mail at wishes@thewishingjar.co.uk and we can guide you through suitable pieces that will accommodate this.

How are the prints taken?

Upon placing your order you will be sent one of our magic print kits.  For handprint and footprint pieces the kit will include an inkless wipe and some “magic” paper.  Taking the prints is really simple and totally mess-free.  The wipes are non-toxic making them entirely safe to use.  Each kit will include full easy-to-follow instructions.  For fingerprint pieces, you will be sent a kit with some special blue and white putty which is easily blended together and then used to take a mould of the fingerprint.  This process is also very easy to do when following our step-by-step instruction sheet.

How do I take care of my jewellery?

We always recommend that jewellery is removed when bathing, showering or swimming.  It’s also a good idea to avoid perfume and lotions coming into contact with the jewellery.  We’d suggest that you polish your jewellery on an occasional basis in order to keep it shiny.  It is important, however, not to press too hard over the print as this could cause some fading.

What is the quality of the jewellery like?

We pride ourselves on creating pieces to a very high standard.  Each piece is quality checked before sending and we’d only ever send something that we were happy to receive ourselves.  As each piece is handcrafted, you shouldn’t expect them to look perfect in the way that something created by machine would appear.  As each print is different (some more defined than others) you also should not expect each piece to be exactly the same as the images on the website.  Your jewellery will be exactly what you see on the paper or in the putty.

Are the pieces hallmarked?

Hallmarking isn’t required for items weighing under 7.78 grams.  Any piece weighing under the required amount will not be hallmarked.

I have taken prints but they are smudged, is this okay?

Yes, please don’t panic if your prints aren’t perfect.  We are able to edit out any smudges or extra fingers/toes and tidy up any imperfections.

Are you able to make something bespoke for me?

We love to make special and bespoke pieces.  Should you require something that isn’t listed on the website, please do get in touch.  We love a challenge and thoroughly enjoy working with our customers to design bespoke pieces.

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