How do I take good baby prints?

How do I take good baby prints?

This is a question I get asked all the time!  I recently attended a Little Learners class with my pop-up shop, and had great fun helping the mummies take some good baby prints for their Mother’s Day cards and on my print certificates (you can get your own free certificate here).  Taking good baby prints can be difficult, and it definitely gets easier with practice!  It also depends on the age of the person or child, as babies under 12 weeks tend to keep their hands tightly clenched.



Good baby hand print exampleWhen taking a print with normal children’s paint, my top tip would be not to use too much paint.  As you take the handprint use your finger or thumb to uncurl the babies fingers just before you push the hand onto the paper.  Quickly place your hand on top of their hand to stop them from lifting fingers up and give a very gentle push down, then lift off the paper quickly but smoothly to avoid smudging. 

Good baby foot printsFootprints

Taking a footprint is much easier.  Place the heel down first and often the baby will spread their toes for you if you wait a moment; or use your finger
/thumb to uncurl the toes as for the hand.  You can also try running a finger up the middle of the foot from heel to toe.  


Print Kits

My preferred method is definitely using my ink-less wipes and magic paper (which comes in my print kit).  This is mess-free and you get great detail of all the lines and wrinkles.  The kits can be used on adults, babies and even our furry friends as they use non-toxic materials.  This is what I use for all my silver handprint and footprint jewellery.  My kits are £5 and are available here.

If you are ordering jewellery or print pictures and would like me to take the prints for you, this can be done by appointment at my studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3.  Please contact me for more details email or message me on Facebook.

Don’t forget, any questions just shout, I am here to help! 🙂

Lois xx

baby print picture




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