Silver Print Jewellery in Newcastle upon Tyne

Silver Print Jewellery in Newcastle upon Tyne

With The Wishing Jar, you can have a bespoke piece of silver print jewellery made from your loved ones prints without having to step foot outside your front door, from the comfort of your sofa! 

How does this work?  You simply place your order online, you receive your print kit in the post, follow the simple instructions to take your print, send it back to me at The Wishing Jar in the prepaid envelope, and you will receive your finished piece of silver print jewellery in 3-4 weeks by recorded delivery. 

Print kits versus in-person print taking

Using the print kit rather than taking the prints in person has many advantages.  As well as the obvious convenience of online shopping, the original psilver print jewellery Newcastlerints are sent back to you with your finished piece.  So as well as getting a cherished keepsake, should you ever want more jewellery made, or (heaven forbid) you lose your jewellery, a replacement piece can be made quite easily – doesn’t that give you great piece of mind?    Another advantage is that, even though I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne, my silver print jewellery is available across the UK.  One of the issues with taking the print in person directly into the silver clay, is that should the jewellery maker be unhappy with the quality of the piece, they are unable to re-make it, without another in-person appointment, whereas I can remake as many as I wish, ensuring the final piece is of the highest quality.

Where can I see your silver print jewellery?

I understand that customers may want to see samples of my jewellery and other keepsakes before buying, and there is the option locally to do this too.  You can pop round to my studio in Newcastle upon Tyne (NE3) by appointment.  You can also see my jewellery in several shops, including Toys R Us Metrocentre (in the baby section), The Little Wardrobe in Shotley Bridge, Woof n Wash in Kenton and also Happy Planet Studio & Gallery in Whitley Bay.  I also attend events throughout the year with my pop-up shop, details of my events can be found on my Facebook page here.

What options of silver print jewellery are available?

My silver print jewellery is available in various options.  I have the traditional fingerprint jewellery, which is a 3D indentation of the fingerprint in solid fine silver.   Fingerprints can also be taken using a pencil print, and enlarged so you have a 2D print similar to the hand/foot/pawprint jewellery.  The handprint and footprint jewellery is where the actual print of your loved one is placed in the silver and even the beloved pets pawprint can be turned into a beautiful piece of silver print jewellery!  I have also created a bespoke charm from a horse hoof.  I can also take your child’s first signature, a doodle or drawing or even a signature or message from an old card and turn it into a beautiful piece of silver jewellery.  I also offer special memorial pieces in my Treasures Memories range that have a fingerprint hidden on the back.  I am happy to talk directly with funeral directors to arrange this for you at what can be a distressing time. 

I love making new pieces and special requests, so whatever your requirement for silver print jewellery, please get in touch and we can design something together! Lois xx

Pawprint jewellery

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